My Garden July 2017

July is just the best time for gardens. Everything is big and green, and some things are ready to harvest. There’s still time to plant for a late summer harvest, and begin planning for a fall garden. In the pacific northwest, our summer has been beautifully mild. Low 70s-80s during the day at the most, making for perfect gardening weather.

I had a photography session around my little farm last evening, so I wanted to share those pictures and talk a bit about the progress I’m making in the yard.

First off, tomatoes!! These are the first successful heirloom tomatoes I’ve ever grown. I bought 5 plants from the farmers market, each a different heirloom variety. The big ones are Cherokee Purple, the small ones are Sun Gold. I never knew that a tomato could be so full of flavor! We had burgers last night so I enjoyed a thick slice of Cherokee Purple on mine. Even though I don’t usually like tomatoes raw. Why did I grow them? For nostalgia.

These are all my tomato plants. Left to right: Sun Gold, Carbon, La Roma Red, Cherokee Purple, Pineapple. The rest haven’t quite reached ripeness yet.

Sun Gold. Almost there, little fella!

Carbon tomato.

Not the prettiest picture, but I wanted to show how all of the branches are weighed down with La Roma Reds. Theres gotta be at least 10 on the plant right now. Might try making salsa in the next few weeks. πŸ˜€

These are grapes. It’s the second year this plant has produced fruit and theres three times as many bunches as last year! Not sure what variety of grapes these are, they get to be small and dark purple and very sweet.

I got this white lilac sapling for FREE on the side of the road! White lilacs are my absolute favorite. I’m waiting to plant it until we move so that it can enjoy a permanent home.

These two little guys are either Sequoia or Cedar trees… We’ve had both in the front yard. They are also waiting to be planted at our future home.

This is my Gladiolus. And I love this picture.



A Jersey Giant.

Ruthie, my speckled sussex.

This is Anne, a Buff Orpington. She’s so pretty.

Hehehe fluffy bum.

My herb garden is doing very well! This is Rosemary.

Oregano. I cut off and dried a whole bunch last week.

Thyme. That is basil on the right but its kinda floppy and ugly looking. Hehe.

Monstrous kale in my sister’s garden. Both plants are about 3 feet in diameter.

**It is August now that I’ve finally finished and posted this. I’d like to report I’ve been able to harvest tomatoes from every plant, the basil in my herb garden is flourishing, and the kale has almost completely gone to aphids… But the chickens sure enjoyed it!

I hope you enjoyed seeing these pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them πŸ™‚ Thanks for stopping by!

“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.” ~ Audrey Hepburn


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