Spring Is My Favorite

I wrote this up in March, I hope you enjoy 🙂

Oh how happy the first crocus makes me. In my mind, it is officially spring!

Spring has always been my favorite season. Summer is warm, fall is breathtaking, winter is cozy, but spring is alive. Flower bulbs awaken after months of rest. Little leaf buds pop up on the trees that have been bare for so long. The rain storms through, the wind blows past and the sun shines between it all. Birds build their nests to lay their eggs. The temperatures either force you to keep moving to stay warm, or allow you to go barefoot in a t-shirt and shorts. The honeybees and bumblebees wake up to begin their life’s work of pollinating and taking care of the hive. There is variety, beauty, and new life.

As the rest of the crocuses continue to pop out of the ground in their violent purple, snowy white, and dazzling orange, the daffodils are gearing up to show off their pretty yellow blooms. I am so looking forward to bringing my beautiful daffodils inside to decorate.

After admiring the crocuses yesterday, and dancing around for joy, Mama and I headed to the feed store. Lo, it was not simply an average timothy hay errand day, it was the first chick day at our local feed store. We pulled into the lot to find balloons, tents keeping chicken supplies safe from the elements, and a very curious cage outside that couldn’t possibly be for chicks.

Upon further inspection I about fell over out of pure happiness.

Baby goats.

Three baby goats.

And one was allowed to go in the cage to pet them and play with them. Oh happiness, thy name is baby goat.

What a beautiful day.


“In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous.” ~ Aristotle


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