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Mary here, back with yet another update post. Wow. Is it actually August already?! My calendar says yes, the weather says June, but my brains says “Ehhh no. Pretty sure it’s still April.” It’s weird how months work like that. Always out to confuse me.

I have been super busy with all sorts of fun stuff these past couple months, but where to begin… OH YEAH. Angelica and Peggy(my does) both had babies on July 21st! A total of 8 babies each! The sad news is that Peggy decided to be a terrible mother and none of her babies made it. The wonderful news is, Angelica is an amazing mother and all 8 of hers are thriving! They just opened their eyes the other day and have started to venture out of the nest box. One has been christened “Herbert Nenninger” by my brother and I’m for sure going to name one “Eliza”(so I can sing the whole song) and one “Layfayette”(so I can teach him to rap and speak french). I wish I could keep them all, but alas, I have no space for 11 rabbits. And so I am refraining from naming the rest. Except that I’ve already named them all. I’m so bad at this.

The super awesome surprise that I hinted at back in May, was the addition of 3 little chicks to my flock! I decided that instead of letting all of Anne’s(My buff orpington hen) hard work be in vain, I would give her the responsibility of her very own chicks. All are raised to maturity now thanks to Anne’s perfect mothering skills and are miniature versions of what they will look like in a few months. Viola Thatcher is a french copper marans, Rosemary Levo is a barnevelder, and Abigail Stanton is a cream brabanter. Yes, I named them all after when calls the heart characters. And I feel that there is no names that would fit their personalities better.

Some not so awesome news is that my darling potato fuzzball, Timothy, passed away very suddenly last Saturday. For those who don’t know, Timothy was my teddy bear guinea pig. He was fine one day and the next day was hardly breathing. The vet said it must have been a heart attack or gut twist. Things that couldn’t have been prevented. I was just heartbroken over losing him but I know God has it all under control. I am now determined to spoil my other three piggies as much as possible since every day with them is a blessing.

On a happier note, I am so excited at the outcome of my garden so far. I have corn that’s getting taller, kale thats infested with aphids, birdhouse gourds with beautiful white flowers, mini pumpkins almost ready to harvest, jack-o-lantern pumpkins getting huge, watermelon that I managed to keep alive, cantaloupe that is finally starting to hint at flowering, zucchini that is once again providing me with more zucchini than I could eat in maybe 5 hours, onions that are ready to harvest, lettuce that is going to seed, sunflowers that I expect to bloom in a couple weeks, a potato tower that I need to finish, tomatoes that are fighting hard to live despite my subpar watering efforts, AND Lilly and I started a lovely little herb garden overlooking the chicken run with rosemary, lavender, oregano, basil, mint and thyme. I plan to start one more round of sugar snap peas and lettuce before the month is out to be harvested by fall. And my compost pile will be ready to till into the garden once everything is harvested, at which time I will be attempting a fall garden with garlic, kale, broccoli, cauliflower, romaine lettuce, and anything else I can get to grow in the colder weather. Gardening is so fun!!

As for myself, I am starting to get crazy healthy in regards to my eating and exercise habits. My legs are really feeling the burn of running around at the park with my brothers and cousins. And if you want to know how hardcore I am, I went to a birthday party and managed to turn down pizza, coffee cake and my favorite brand of ice cream while instead eating a plate of fruit and a salad. That is dedication, my friend. I also discovered a magical food called “dates”. Those delicious dried ones that you can find in the bulk section at most stores and, if you’re lucky, at Costco. I have eaten a *ahem*large quantity of these over the past couple days. #noregrets

I’ve been very inspired to learn even more piano songs lately and have completed “If I die young” and “Mama’s song” while continuing to learn “God help the outcasts” as well as two secret songs that my family, friends and colleagues will hear when I am finished.

Horseback riding is going great. My sitting trot is getting better and my posting is nearing the point where I would be okay with someone watching me do it without feeling like an awkward potato with the least amount of leg muscles in the history of ever. And did I mention I bought my very first saddle?! It’s a gorgeous western one that I got from my awesome aunt. I am so excited to use it. Buuuuut I might need a horse first… *sigh* details… Until then I will pretend that my saddle rack is in fact a beautiful clydesdale gelding galloping in a field of flowers.

You know what I’ve always wanted to do? Sew a quilt. Guess what I’m doing! Procrastinating. I have almost all the pieces cut, I just need to actually sew them. And learn how to sew… But hey, slow and steady wins the race! Or in this case, completes the quilt. Some other crafty accomplishments include reaching the halfway point on my Hufflepuff scarf and learning to spin wool into yarn on a spinning wheel and a drop spindle! I made just enough yarn for a pretty awesome bracelet.

I am currently reading a darling book called “Dewey: the small town library cat who touched the world.” It’s so fast and easy to read but being the overachiever that I am, I got about four books from the library and have two from my shelf waiting to be read. 7 books going at once… that must be some sort of record!

We went to Montana for the 4th of July and my goodness, I fall more in love with that state with every visit. If I could pick anywhere in the world to live, I would pick Montana. It’s just so perfect in every way and the sky is seriously 10 times bigger than anywhere else. All the varied landscapes are awe-inspiring and THE SUNSETS. I have no words. A few of our adventures include multiple boat rides, a hike on wild horse island(There are legit wild horses and WE SAW THEM. Also nearly passed out due to heat exhaustion. Water is important, kids. Also, lungs are supposed to breathe. Mine weren’t.), a thunderstorm, thrift shopping, a drive through glacier national park(and boy do I have a story for anyone who wants to hear about a bear scaring the living daylight out of me), and oh my goodness there was the perfect piece of property for sale near Flathead lake. 220 acres with a log cabin, forests, fields, views of the mountains, established fruit trees and a long driveway. I was ready to buy it right there but of course theres the thing that I have no money nor drivers license or even job for that matter… Oh well. Maybe someday.

I think that’s all the major updates I have for now… You can look forward to pictures of most things mentioned above once I get enough space cleared on my laptop to upload pictures! For now, I hope you enjoyed this long-winded life update. 🙂 Feel free to share it! or not. And comment if you want to. I really love comments. Or don’t. Whatever floats your goat.

Questions of the post:

What has your summer entailed so far?

Have you ever been to Montana?

Do you agree that Montana is perfection?

What is your favorite season?


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