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Friends, neighbors, whoever is reading this, welcome to my blog! My name is Mary, but it depends on who you’re talking too, and this is a generic life update post.

Much has happened in the merry merry month of May. Pun intended. I can’t believe it is already June 1st! Summer is coming and I’m not sure I’m ready for it. Where did spring go?! Spring is my favorite but I have a lot to look forward to this summer. Now, let us dive into the exciting and exhausting world that is my life…

Firstly, the turkey eggs unfortunately did not hatch. BUMMER. But like I keep saying, it was a great learning experience. As of now, I was able to break one of my other hens who thought she wanted to be broody too, and Anne is in the intro cage, still sitting on a nest. Why is that? You might wonder. I’ll tell you! Eventually. *evil grin* I have, uh, plans that I am not at liberty to discuss yet. All will reveal itself in good time. All in good time.

We went to Oregon for the national truck show and it was SUPER COOL! The was a Ford c-800 that was just gorgeous. And so many Peterbilts! I even found a brand of truck that I had not previously heard of. “Western Star” is the name. You can probably guess why I like it. Afterwards we drove to the Oregon coast and though I am not a huge beach person, I will admit that I enjoyed the afternoon.

My garden is doing much better than I expected it too. I currently have onions, sugar snap peas, leaf lettuce(that is HUGE), cilantro, mini pumpkins, large pumpkins(from a seed that I saved from last year’s pumpkin!), zucchini, watermelon(I seem to be jinxed when it comes to melon but I have managed to keep a total of four plants alive to two weeks old. This may or may not be my third attempt. This year.), cantaloupe, birdhouse gourds, corn(the darn slugs have destroyed half the crop), kale, a grapevine, carrots and strawberries growing. I am super excited because I picked a total of FIVE strawberries today! They were delicious. And the carrots that I can never seem to grow actually sprouted! I am pleased with my gardening efforts so far.

My rabbits are FINALLY moved to the shed and I am 99% sure that Angelica is pregnant. Her due date is the 15th so I guess I’ll just wait and see! Peggy doesn’t seem to be getting any bigger even though I bred her twice. I think I will wait till the possible due date and try again then. Silver is doing great. Living the life. Enjoying vegetables.

Not sure who is interested but my guinea pigs are also alive and well. I recently ran out of commercial guinea pig food and have been feeding them more fruits and veggies along with their hay. And on the subject of animal diets…

I put Joy on a raw food diet! She is currently staring me down and getting in my way of writing this post begging to be fed. Do not fret, I shall feed her when I am done writing. I won’t go into detail about it here because I’m working on a whole post about it! You can look forward to that at a time in the future.

What else do I have…. OH. I found out that I am allergic to eggs. *sarcastic cheer* Hooray. Dairy still doesn’t quite agree with me, but eggs definitely don’t. Pretty annoying since I have 14 chickens and I… well actually, I’ve never been a huge fan of eggs on their own so I guess this works out fine. I think I do okay with, say, 1 or 2 eggs in a batch of cookies, but no scrambled or fried or hard boiled eggs for me anymore. I have yet to test duck eggs since I hear that sometimes you can be allergic to chicken eggs and not duck eggs? I’ll report my results as soon as I can get my hands on some duck eggs…

I’ve been doing some Bible studies recently and I had a revelation about something that completely lifted a weight off my shoulders. God is good. I see him working all around me. I am so excited for life! I get to live for Jesus! He has a perfect plan for me! Woo hoo!!

I started painting the side of my grandparents house and it is coming along nicely. I hope to finish it tomorrow.

There is this show that I am re-obsessing over… When Calls The Heart. *unintelligible fangirl noises* I’m watching all the episodes on Netflix over again and I just have one question… How can one show be so perfect? It’s clean yet dramatic, modest yet fashionable, exciting but not scary in any way, the plot is perfection, the actors play their roles perfectly, and CAN WE TALK ABOUT JACK THORNTON. The brave, chivalrous, (not to mention handsome) caring mounty who never ceases to make me laugh or go “AWWWWWW”. Also, Abigail Stanton. That precious little cinnamon roll. She has compassion, she has grace, she has sophistication, she has generosity, she can dance. I can only hope to one day be like Abigail. She was my favorite from episode 1. I love this show for all the reasons, but my main one is that every time I watch it I imagine that I am living in coal valley back in the old days on my own little farm. Everyone is kind and neighborly, I make my own dresses, take care of my little cabin, hang the laundry out to dry, get around by horse and wagon, cook over a wood stove, sleep in my cozy bed with a patch work quilt and live life the way it was meant to be lived. Siiiiiigh. Anyways, it’s the best show ever and you need to watch it. Unless you already have, in which case, well done! Now go watch it again!

I suppose that’s all I have for today. This just barely scratched the surface of what I did in may. That would have taken hours to write so this will have to do. I hope you enjoyed reading this post πŸ™‚

Feel free to comment! I really love comments. Here is some incentive to make you comment:

Questions of the post:Β What is your favorite way to spend a Wednesday afternoon? How was your month? Are you allergic to anything? Do you have a TV show (or movie) that you just adore and wish you could live in?

Talk to you later!

Blow up your TV, move to the country, homestead your life.


  1. When Calls the Heart is such a great show!

    Lovely Life Update! I’m sorry about the turkey eggs, but it sounds like you have learned a lot from it.

    Yay! I can’t wait for the 15th. πŸ™‚

    • It really is! thanks πŸ™‚ yes, a very good experience.
      The 15th will be a glorious day indeed. Unless she decides to be overdue XD

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