Introducing… The Schuyler Sisters!


Let’s talk about rabbits…

A post or two ago I mentioned that I had recently added two more rabbits to my flock? family? whatever you wanna call it. This post is all about them!

I was searching around on craigslist a few weeks ago not looking for anything in particular when I decided to search for silver fox rabbits. I knew I wanted a couple does at some point and just wanted to see what was out there.

Angelica pancake <3

Angelica pancake <3

Then I happened upon an ad for three silver fox does, one blue and two black. I thought to myself “OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS I NEED THESE RABBITS” but on the outside I was calm… like the wind. Anyways, the price was right, but I only had enough money to get two of them so I decided on one blue and one black.


Casually I asked my parents if I could get these rabbits. They know how crazy I am and they had also agreed a while back that I could get more rabbits at some point, and therefore were totally cool with it! I emailed the owner of the rabbits. She was so nice and told us that they were still available and we could come pick them up and check out her farm. I never pass up an opportunity to go to a farm so I was like “UM YES”

It was SO COOL!! She has an awesome rabbit setup and breeds silver foxes for meat and is learning how to tan their hides. Besides rabbits, she also has sheep, ducks, and chickens, and a beautiful piece of property. I also got to see my new rabbit’s parents. First of all, they are HUGE! 10+ pounds each. And they both have beautiful coats. Second of all, this cool lady just keeps getting better, the father of my rabbits is named “Salazar” and the mother is “Rowena” She is a bit of a Harry Potter fan, like myself. (ok I’m under exaggerating, I’m a huge HP fan)Ā 



I bought the two does I came for and then the lady said there was an awesome feed store about 3 minutes from her house. I needed rabbit food anyway because the does were used to eating pellets and so we ventured over there…

OH MY GOODNESS. That was one of the coolest feed stores I had ever been too. There was a big animal care section with books and every little thing you would need to care for small livestock, a gardening section, well, two gardening sections, the inside section had gardening books, tools and seeds, and the outdoor one had every plant you could need for food. Then there was a whole book section for every homestead thing you could ever need to learn about, along with supplies for canning, cheesemaking, candle-making, yarn-spinning, beekeeping and so much more.


Peggy <3 She looks just like her mother!

To top it all off, there were multiple cages of freshly hatched chicks and ducklings(I practiced some major self control. They had 3 of the breeds I’ve been wanting forever.), and a seed exchange program! You can take whatever kind of seeds you want, for FREE, and then grow them and save some seeds from the plant to send back! I got 6 kinds of seeds, but I think the ones I’m most excited about are the birdhouse gourd seeds. I can’t wait to grow them!

That was a super fun adventure. Now I’ll get into some details about my new bunnies and my plans for them…

Like I mentioned in a previous post, I named them Angelica and Peggy, after the characters from the most amazing broadway musical ever, Hamilton. Lilly helped me give them middle names and so they’re full titles are: “Angelica Phillip Schuyler” and “Peggy Phillip Schuyler”. I refer to them as the Schuyler sisters partially because of their names, but also because they are literally sisters! Both from the same litter.

Angelica. So angelic.

Angelica. So angelic.

Their birthday is October 6th, which means they were exactly six months old yesterday on April 6th. I am planning to breed them as soon as possible, but building more cages and the whole rabbit setup should probably be done before I anticipate 6-12 new babies šŸ™‚ Their mother is apparently a very good mother, and silver foxes are known for being good mothers, so I have high hopes for these girls.

The next step will be to build my rabbit setup… I was planning on doing an outdoor covered area but our neighborhood has a lot of predators and occasional dogs roaming around so I wouldn’t want to take any chances with that… Another one of my options is in a shed that we already have, I would just need to do some reorganizing and a bit of building to make it a good rabbit space. I’ll keep you updated as we go along!

Thanks for reading!

Blow up your TV, move to the country, homestead your life.


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