My Garden July 2017

July is just the best time for gardens. Everything is big and green, and some things are ready to harvest. There’s still time to plant for a late summer harvest, and begin planning for a fall garden. In the pacific northwest, our summer has been beautifully mild. Low 70s-80s during the day at the most, … [Continue reading…]

Spring Is My Favorite

I wrote this up in March, I hope you enjoy đŸ™‚ Oh how happy the first crocus makes me. In my mind, it is officially spring! Spring has always been my favorite season. Summer is warm, fall is breathtaking, winter is cozy, but spring is alive. Flower bulbs awaken after months of rest. Little leaf … [Continue reading…]

Working On The Chicken Run

For a while I haven’t been able to pinpoint what I truly want my blog to be about. While revamping my about page, I wrote up the little section about me wanting you to feel like you’ve just been welcomed in for a cup of tea. And I realized that is how I want my blog … [Continue reading…]

Chores: An Appreciation Post

Howdy! Mary here. Let’s talk about chores… Now I feel like in the minds of most people, the word “chore” has a negative vibe to it. As though it’s a task that you have no choice about. Well by golly, that’s exactly what it is! Now since chores are a part of life and will … [Continue reading…]

Sprouting barley(the lazy method)

Howdy! Mary here. Let’s talk about barley… I acquired a couple big bags of barley from a friend in the hopes of building an elaborate grain sprouting/fodder growing system to feed my chickens. What I didn’t factor in was the amount of time that I don’t have to build such a system. I did some … [Continue reading…]

August 2016 updates!!

Howdy! Let’s talk about things… Mary here, back with yet another update post. Wow. Is it actually August already?! My calendar says yes, the weather says June, but my brains says “Ehhh no. Pretty sure it’s still April.” It’s weird how months work like that. Always out to confuse me. I have been super busy … [Continue reading…]

May 2016 updates!!

Howdy! Let’s talk about stuff… Friends, neighbors, whoever is reading this, welcome to my blog! My name is Mary, but it depends on who you’re talking too, and this is a generic life update post. Much has happened in the merry merry month of May. Pun intended. I can’t believe it is already June 1st! … [Continue reading…]

Broody hens and what to expect

Howdy! Let’s talk about broody hens… First off, I’ll explain what a broody hen is for those who might now know. “Broody” is what you call a hen when she decides that she is going to try and hatch a clutch of eggs. A hen can decide to go broody whether you have a rooster … [Continue reading…]