Broody hen and turkey eggs!

Howdy! Let’s talk about turkeys… I was out in the coop the other night tucking the ladies in, and I went over to the nest box to collect the eggs. Well, it was pitch black in the nest box but I reached in anyway because what could be there besides a whole bunch of eggs? … [Continue reading…]

Introducing… The Schuyler Sisters!

Howdy! Let’s talk about rabbits… A post or two ago I mentioned that I had recently added two more rabbits to my flock? family? whatever you wanna call it. This post is all about them! I was searching around on craigslist a few weeks ago not looking for anything in particular when I decided to … [Continue reading…]

The Happy Tag!

Howdy! Let’s talk about happiness… Back with another tag today! I’ll be back to the normal posts as soon as I can get some good pics of my rabbits and the other fun things I want to share. Recently I was tagged by Evangeline to do the happy tag, so naturally I was calm on … [Continue reading…]

Sister Tag! feat. My big sis

Howdy! Let’s talk about sisters… I’m sure most of you know me, if not then I will introduce myself now… Hi! My name is Mary and this is my blog! We have a special guest today who goes by the name of “Lilly”. Lilly is my sister, I’ve known her since I was born. She … [Continue reading…]

Updates! New rabbits! My garden!

Howdy! Let’s talk about updates… It has been a busy couple of weeks! I added two more rabbits to the flock, started preparing my garden for spring, started some seeds inside, had a dance night with some friends, posted OFF the lunge line at the stables, found a Bible at a thrift store that is … [Continue reading…]

How I Study My Bible

Howdy! Let’s talk about Bible study… One of my favorite subjects to talk about! Last year was fantastic,  I had the opportunities to do all sorts of cool stuff. But while I was all caught up in the busyness of life I was slowly drifting away from my Bible and away from spending time with … [Continue reading…]

The Joy’s of Fermented Chicken Feed

Howdy! Let’s talk about feed… I just want to shout from the rooftops how amazing fermented feed is for chickens. I recently tried it out and to quote Rapunzel, “I am never going back!!!”   I had heard of fermented feed before now. I didn’t realize what all the fuss was about. That is, until … [Continue reading…]

Chickens – Picking a Breed

Howdy! Let’s talk about chickens… When I first started my chicken venture, my main concern was what breeds of chickens I was going to get. After all, I’d have these ladies for their entire life, which, without major illnesses or predator attacks, is anywhere from 5-10 years. The average lifespan being 7-8 years. I knew … [Continue reading…]